Monday, 15 May 2017

Regression #1 Review (Cullen Bunn, Danny Luckert)

Adrian sees messed up things that aren’t there – or are they? In an effort to help him, his friend Molly takes him to see a hypnotist but something terrible is unleashed after Adrian goes under. Poor bloke; seeing nightmarish hallucinations is one thing – having them manifest in real life and come after you is another! 

After books like The Damned, Death Follows, Harrow County and now Regression, Cullen Bunn is carving himself out a reputation as King of the Horror Comic! If you’re familiar with the genre and/or Bunn’s previous books, Regression #1 is unlikely to knock your socks off but it’s not a bad start to an intriguing new series.

Artist Danny Luckert draws some damn gory scenes so be warned if you’re squeamish! Besides the graphic hallucinations though, a typical feature of adult horror comics, it’s a fairly unremarkable story in a standard set-up first issue. That is until the hypnotism scene when things become more interesting – hopefully an indicator of a great story to follow.

One weird detail that stuck out: Adrian seems to change his ethnicity from the cover to the interior: he’s white on the cover as well as in the sketches at the end of the issue but inside the comic he’s light brown-skinned, looking vaguely Hispanic or Asian - I don’t know what colourist Marie Enger was thinking or why nobody picked up on that! I don’t care what colour his skin is but be consistent! 

Anyways, Regression #1 is a decent start for this new horror title - Bunn’s writing and storytelling is clear, Luckert’s art is pretty good - but nothing to get too excited about; might be worth checking out the collected edition over the single issues.

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